What You Should Know About The Long-Term Effects Of Bulimia

Damage from Anorexia May Be Reversible

I woke up wanting to throw up but simply couldn’t so now I can’t go to work and sitting at home feeling miserable. The binge-and-purge cycle leads to a wide range of health effects. These are due to malnutrition and dehydration, and the effects of purging.

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I mean I’m not saying I’m the only one, but sometimes it worries me, like I wonder if it’s gonna hurt me somehow, and not a lot of people understand what it is. They say “oh ya, GERD is just heartburn, no big deal” but to me, it is.

When it comes to gut inflammation I believe that stress is the root cause. Stress creates inflammation and often starts in the gut.

In order to achieve their ideal weight, people may also engage in substance abuse. Anyone can experience occasional acid reflux and heartburn. For example, you may experience these symptoms after eating too quickly.

  • Getting help from a professional healthcare team can significantly reduce your likelihood of developing complications from your eating disorder.
  • Despite having some of the same symptoms as some chronic GI disorders, a nervous stomach is usually related to a person’s ‘fight-or-flight’ response.
  • Learning to blend your bulimia and acid reflux processes may take some practice, but in the end it will be worth it.
  • Getting treatment for an eating disorder like bulimia can seem impossible, but there are people who can help.
  • Presumably, it acts on the central “emetic” centre or via raising the tone of the lower oesophageal sphincter (Wood, Shega, Lynch, & vonRoenin, 2007).
  • However, other known risk factors, like alcohol consumption and smoking, may also play a role in increasing your cancer risk.

Since the person suffering from it often tries to hide their condition for as long as possible, the first step is to recognize that the problem exists. There are many negative long-term side effects of bulimia, which can range from irritating to life-threatening. Some of the mental and physical effects of bulimia can last long past the time when the individual with bulimia has technically recovered, negatively impacting their quality of life. In addition to mental health issues, emotional health can also be compromised long-term, since eating disorders like bulimia can damage relationships and self-esteem. When damaged emotional health meets mental health problems like depression and anxiety, it often creates long-term issues like a history of self-harm, substance abuse, impulsiveness, and suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

Two weeks and 3 doctors appointments later I was diagnosed with GERD. I am 16, and I was told to make lifestyle changes such as cutting out dairy, greasy foods, spicy foods, chocolate, soda, and any citrus foods.

Even if a person is not overweight, they may think that they are and develop bulimia. As acidic contents affect the pharynx and oropharynx, voice and throat complaints are commonplace. Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) describes the syndrome in which gastric acid contents affect and injure the larynx and pharynx. Manifestations include hoarseness, sore throat, dry cough, chronic throat clearing, and difficulty swallowing. In a study of eight singers presenting with bulimia who presented with symptoms of LPR, including hoarseness and sore throat, all exhibited physical findings including various combinations of postcricoid edema, thick mucus over the larynx, telangiectasia, and polypoid changes (Rothstein, 1998).

Watch your portions when healing GERD

Your esophageal sphincter holds the food and acid down. When you lie flat, it relaxes and food can come up. It’s important to treat your esophageal sphincter well. Reducing stress helps, because when you’re stressed the sphincter relaxes and then flaps up, which causes acid and food to go up your esophagus rather than stay in your stomach for proper digestion.

I decided to go to another GI doctor and who prescribed a different medication to help with the discomfort of the burning, which I only experience in my throat. I still don’t have any resolution to this problem and am really frustrated. I have never had heartburn in my life and I only started feeling burning in my throat when I started taking medicine for GERD.

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