What worked for you and your baby's colic?

I really just don’t know what to do – we are using ‘Thick and Easy’ to thicken his milk which seems to have really helped slow down the flow rate and give him better control over the way it moves from his mouth to his throat but he’s still really struggling with tummy discomfort and I don’t know if it is caused by wind or just spasms in his tummy muscles. Anyone else got any good suggestions – it’s breaking my heart seeing him in pain – for me this is by far his worst cp symptom and he’s pretty badly affected really. She always poops after every feeding.fussy some times.sleepless nights.but she is gaining weight.she is exclusively breast fed.

Reflux dilemma with baby gaviscon and reflux milk – NCT

My first suggestion would be to defer the usual booster vaccinations given at that visit until your daughter is settled and her gut symptoms are resolved. There is no magic about giving more vaccine doses at four months; it’s an arbitrary schedule, and if she had her two month doses, she is covered for now.

I’ve read a lot of stuff online but I wanted to write a short blog as I know my website comes up with good google seo search and infomation so here’s my story about colic, reflux, small babies and challenging times, exhausting nights and so on. If you are like myself with limited family support around, it’s helpful to read some accurate helpful advice and it’s the internet which has proven more useful than my local GP. The Babocush has been used by many parents with babies suffering from colic and reflux, with amazing results – just take a look at this video showing how quickly your baby could settle on their new Babocush. Research has found that a temporary sensitivity to lactose is an important factor for many babies with colic.

Intervene as soon as you notice a “dropping off channel”-that is, if your baby’s weight for age or length for age percentile drops more than fifteen points, it’s time to intervene. Reflux, diarrhea, constipation, and colic are not necessarily benign for a baby.

Arthur, Charlotte and me

There are also obviously those who choose to set up sleep from the very beginning, coming along to my workshops whilst pregnant or getting in touch when a baby is only a very few weeks old to get some guidance on how best to shape their baby’s sleep to become a great sleeper from early on, and this was my approach with baby Rupert. When using other infant equipment, such as slings and bouncy seats, monitor your baby closely at all times for proper positioning of the baby and for symptoms of reflux.

When it becomes watery and too frequent (8 or more times/day) then there may be some work to do to support digestion. Easy natural helps first – probiotics, changing your diet, Gripe Water. Yes! All these things are connected. I’m sorry to hear about the Zantac – read here to see why .

Baby seems to be WORSE with Colief

While it is normal for babies to cry from time to time, parents may find it difficult to manage a colicky baby. As with most conditions, early diagnosis is beneficial.

The day after each of his sessions he was calm, would lay down and sleep – it was like having a different child! It didn’t last long in between visits and was very very expensive, but definitely worth having the treatment for the long term benefits of balancing out his neck muscles and making sure the plates of his skull were in the correct position. J20 – colief drops are for lactose intolerance, not reflux which is a different condition.

First signs of this will be changes in digestion and stools that don’t resolve. As for the formula, those you’ve mentioned are based on skim milk protein and whey which can be tough on some babies, especially after gut balance is disrupted by a vaccine or antibiotic course. Your baby will probably feel better by resolving unwanted effects of the hepatitis B vaccine, balancing gut biome with probiotics or direct treatment for infections (yeast) if needed, and a formula that is easier to digest. If your pediatrician isn’t familiar with these strategies, let’s talk – make an appointment here.

He’s still struggling with wind but it’s only been 2 feeds so I’ll give it some time. She’s coming back on tue morning to see how he is. I’d agree with a previous poster, sounds like reflux, most commonly caused by an milk protein allergy.

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