Red macula in the torso of Scipionyx: encrustations around the shaft of the still left radius, and on the particular matrix bordering the cranial margin from the diaphysis regarding the right humerus, supplied 6 microsamples. Dome-shaped aspect (whose elliptical base provides been left in place), belonging to the n?ud of calcite grains of which form a cluster in the ventral portion of the particular thoracic region of Scipionyx.

In Scipionyx, the centra of the caudal cervical vertebrae are taller than those of typically the cranial ones. Unlike Scipionyx, in Coelurus the prezigapophyses are not flexed within the cranial cervical vertebrae, and be slightly flexed only in the caudal ones.

Procedures of the 15th Global Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electrical Impedance Tomography EIT 2014, April 24-26, 2014 Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, p. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS 2014; 14-18 September 2014, Chicago, Illinois, 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Meeting on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Hamburg, 2015, pp.

Thus, the sacrum of Scipionyx is composed of 5 vertebrae, and the particular arches preceding the capital ones belong to S4 and S5. Similarly, based on the length associated with the centrum of S5, 5 elements are required to fill the area in between the last dorsal as well as the 1st caudal vertebrae. The bony fragment preserved ventral to the centrum might represent a splinter of the right Dr13, dropped during preparation, or of the left one, which usually would emerge between the particular centrum of the D13 and the intestine (see Ribs). The pneumatisation regarding the cranial dorsals can eventually have occurred later in Scipionyx, given that, although not a fondamental theropod, the specimen will be a very immature person (see Ontogenetic Assessment). About the exposed surfaces associated with the dorsal vertebral centra of Scipionyx, no pleurocoels are visible.

The largest locations where this particular tissue is preserved usually are found at the bottom in the neck and at the base of butt – shown in grey-brown shading in the soft tissue general map (Fig. Indeterminate? connective tissue A few patches of soft cells preserved in Scipionyx usually are apparent as a yellow-colored material embedding myofibres, myosepta and/or fibrous connective tissues. The most dorsal one appears in line with the left M.

The ventral portion of the parietal appears as a flange below the dorsal portion, terminating ventrally in a cleancut horizontal suture with typically the laterosphenoid. As mentioned, within the caudal plane this small portion of the parietal forms a medially focused concavity, the fossa regarding the ligamentum nuchae, in addition to contacts the supraoccipital by way of an S-shaped suture, which usually delimits the fossa plus is more evident beneath UV light (Fig. Scipionyx resembles most ornithomimosaurs (e. g., Kobayashi & Lü, 2003), troodontids (e. g., Ji et al., 2005) and birds (Rauhut, 2003) in having frontals that will (1) flare over the orbits up to the frontoparietal suture, where the skull reaches its maximum thickness, and (2) become domed near the caudal portion of the orbit, where the skull forms the flexure between the flat components of the frontals plus the parietals. The remaining frontal, visible as a new crescent-shaped surface along the particular dorsal rim of the right orbit, was wrongly identified as the proper “inner (orbital) wall of the frontal” by Dal Sasso & Signore (1998a).


Drop-shaped granule, positioned as the utmost caudoventral untouched element of the particular calcite cluster that within the abdomen of Scipionyx parallels the ascending loop in the duodenum, between D12 in addition to S1. In a microsample from this level, even fragments regarding mesenteric and pancreatic tissue could be potentially included. Microsample of somatic musculature coming from the base of typically the neck of Scipionyx, among the centrum of D2 and the shaft associated with Dr1. APPENDIX 7 Listing of the sampling factors for SEM analysis (Fig.

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