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I cough alot. When taking with a nice protein meal the hcl was much better and produced a lot less burn. After the second day I’ve only had good improvements and nothing bad. Yesterday I found this site and read an article about low stomach acid. I decided to try the at home test with baking soda.

Any advice would be extremly helpful! Thanks. In my May 2015 survey of 2232 people with Hashimoto’s, out of 627 people who took betaine HCl and pepsin, 59 percent of people said that it made them feel better, 33 percent said that it made them feel worse, while 7 percent saw no difference in symptoms. Based on the improvement rates, this leads me to believe that 50-70 percent of people with Hashimoto’s are likely deficient in stomach acid. Those that felt worse were likely not deficient, as taking the supplement can make a person with adequate stomach amounts feel worse for a short time (burning in the throat and stomach upset may occur).

I have now started to take hcl with pepcin and i can finally eat again! Thanks to this website and my research. It irritates me that my doctor wants to put me on anti depresants to cover up the problem instead of fixing it, guess im on my own. I’ve stayed away from coffee any other suggestions of food I should stay away from. Is it ok to combine ACV and Betaine HCL, either for a single meal or in the course of a day, or any other scenario?

Symptoms of leaky gut may include bloating, diarrhea, constipation, stomach aches, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. According to the Institute of Functional Medicine, many people develop IBS 5-10 years before an autoimmune diagnosis. I was one of them and didn’t take my gut health as seriously as I should have. We know that intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) is present in every case of autoimmunity and often precedes the development of Hashimoto’s.

My thyroid bloodwork has always been normal and has continued normal (TSH 1.1) – most recent testing was last month. I think there is more to the iodine controversy that needs to be addressed by you and other health care practitioners Dr Wentz. Betaine HCl and pepsin should be taken with a protein-rich meal, starting with one capsule per meal. The dose should be increased by one more capsule at each meal until symptoms of too much acid are felt (burping, burning, warming in the stomach region, etc).

This compound is critical for the digestive process. When your stomach acid levels aren’t where they should be, your system will struggle to absorb essential minerals and proteins, which can lead to deficiencies. Likewise, stomach acid is responsible for killing harmful bacteria enzymes that enter your system.

The No. 3 thing you may consider if you have low stomach acid is HCL with pepsin – hydrochloric acid with pepsin. Now, hydrochloric acid is naturally created in your stomach. That is really the main thing that creates that very acidic environment to break down food.

The Importance of HCL (Stomach Acid)

  • This indicates that we don’t absorb enough vitamin B12 from the bacteria in our large intestine to be helpful.
  • I had read about low acid in stomach before and was wondering if this could be causing my problems since I do have some of the symptoms.
  • Since it is a natural source of acid, it contributes to the acidic environment in the stomach.
  • See my instructions here on how to find your personal dose.

how to improve low stomach acid naturally

I have had 4 gastroscopies since the first one and the Barretts has not enlarged but it has not healed either. The consultant told me off for not taking the PPIs and when I said I didn’t think I had too much acid he said that there is something called ‘Silent Reflux’ which is what I no doubt had. I went back to my doctor to get the PPIs but I still haven’t taken them. I am scared to take them in case I do have low stomach acid and it makes the situation worse, and scared not to take them in case I develop the cancer.

I was surprised I already did the acv in water without knowing it was good for stomach acid. Having low stomach acid can affect the body in many ways. If you think you may suffer from this, find a qualified practitioner to work with to correct this problem as soon as possible. Under the guidance of a functional medicine practitioner, I started supplementing with HCL with Pepsin and noticed an almost immediate improvement in energy levels and digestion.

Low Stomach Acid Problems

This sounds SO much like me. I never thought the issue could be low stomach acid, but I’m doing more research now and it seems like that could be the case. My doctors put me on Prevacid a while back and it made my issues 100x worse. I’m also on antibiotics a lot and I read that could be a cause?

and apple cider vinegar can also help to produce more digestive acid. I do use the Pure Encapsulations brand of Betaine with Pepsin.

how to improve low stomach acid naturally

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