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In Europe, centuries of tradition, trial and error determined what wine grapes grew best where, and modern regulations have enshrined those winemaking practices into law. And yet, the best German wines have a racy elegance that cannot be duplicated somewhere else. Known for its depth of color, floral aromatics and velvety texture, this easy drinking wine provides a lot of drinking pleasure. These varieties thrive in the proper areas in Palatine, something Gerd Anselmann has proven over and over along with his award-winning wines.

This is usually a wine with a beautiful golden yellow colour and great freshness that develops aromas of apricots, melons and citrus fruits over subtle floral and mineral notes. With a complex plum and cherry aroma, this can be a powerful wine with a lot of body and an excellent length on the palate. Amongst its jewels may be the Dornfelder variety of ice wine from 2009, which represents a pinnacle in the elaboration of the wine of great class.

Thanks to this expansion the Anselmann estate is listed to be between the largest and best-equipped private wine estates in Germany. In 1998 and following her studies of business management at the University of Mannheim Ruth Anselmann joins the household team.

Workshop on 02 December 2005, Brussels, Belgium

The family crest nowadays used as estate logo was awarded to the household in 1541, as can be seen in the historical archives in Karlsruhe. The Anselmann family has been connected with viticulture for centuries, the initial records dating back to 1126.

Eiswein is among the wines which have made the reputation of the Anselmann family who perpetuate a wine – making tradition a lot more than 4 centuries old. After his university degree in agricultural economics he and his brother successfully started an own wine company. The Anselmann family has been focused on viticulture and wine making in the southern palatinate area for many centuries. Our red wine guide details the flavor profiles and parts of the most popular red varieties – plus a few you might not yet know.

Our inherited knowledge and the experience of our long-serving employees are enriched by innovative ideas and the university education of the Anselmann siblings. From dry to noble sweetness, from quality wine to Eiswein, from young, fruity white to barrique-matured, powerful red, there’s something for every taste and every occasion. Today red and white wine grapes are grown in equal proportions on about 100 hectares of land.

Carrying out a long planning period and almost twelve months of construction work, the estate is proud to present a fresh grape collection station, a fresh grape-pressing barn and seperate facilities for the bottling line. The official opeing of the 2003 German grape harvest takes place on august 15th 2003 at the winery, associated with 11 television camera teams all wanting to record the initial harvest day of what will grow to be a spectacular vintage year.

Regarding his wife Britta, who runs the idyllic wine tavern “Brunnenterrasse” in the summer, he organizes events at the vineyard such as the Christmas Market. During this time, he set the path for the future development of the estate, increased the vineyard area, and invested in the cellar equipment. Through the marriage between Werner Anselmann and Inge Schreiner, two estates steeped in tradition were joined under the name “Werner Anselmann Vineyard”.

They’re energetically supported by their wives Britta and Isabel Anselmann, along with their highly motivated and long-serving employees. – The “Premium Select Wine Challenge” gold medal for Prowein 2010. Equally prestigious, the Eiswein made from Pinot Noir stock is really a wine for setting up which has already won many prizes : * Brix (Anglo-Saxon countries) and Oechslé (Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg) degrees indicate the percentage of sugar within the wine.

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Werner Anselmann Estate – excellence in the Palatinate | Meiningers Wine Business International The Winter Paralympic Games 2006 in Sestriere/Italy were supported by the Anselmann estate in the form of a wine tasting at the “German House” which was attended by the German Federal President, Horst Köhler. The Anselmann estate has also shown this commitment internationally as official partner of the German houses at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Peking and in 2012 in London.

The Werner Anselmann Estate is considered one of the best-performing, family-owned vineyards in Palatine. Today the estate is managed by Gerd, Ralf and Ruth Anselmann, ably supported by their mother Inge and their two wives Britta and Isabel.The vineyards ans sales are run by aprfessional team of longstanding attachment to the wine estate.

ralf gerd anselmann

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Ruth Anselmann enjoys looking after the guests at wine trade shows such as “ProWein” and several other presentations domestically and internationally. Businesswoman Ruth Anselmann studied business administration at the University of Mannheim.

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ralf gerd anselmann

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ralf gerd anselmann

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