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“Theorizing Feminist Struggles in the Triangular of Neoliberalism, Conservatism, plus Nationalism. ” Social Politics: International Studies in Sex, State & Society, Posted: 17 April 2018. Full text. “Centre right in addition to radical right party opposition in Europe: Strategic focus on immigration, anti-incumbency, and financial crisis. ” Electoral Studies fifty four (August: 148-158. “Far-Right Events in the European Marriage and Media Populism: The Comparative Analysis of 10 Countries During European Parliament Elections. ” International Diary of Communication 12 (: 3186-3206.

“The Balanced Nation: Addressing the Challenges of Islamist and Far-Right Extremism within the Classroom. ” Schooling and Extremisms: Rethinking Liberal Pedagogies in the Modern day World. Costello, Matthew, in addition to James Hawdon. “Who Are usually the Online Extremists Among Us? “Lega and Five-star Movement voters: exploring the role of cultural, economical and political bewilderment. inches Contemporary Italian Politics ten. 3 (: 279-293. “Invisible Empire of Hate: Sexual category Variations in the Ku Klux Klan’s Online Justifications with regard to Violence. ” Violence and Sexual category 5. 4 (Dec.

“The Populist Challenge to Liberal Democracy. inch Journal of Democracy 30. 2 (April: 5-19. Whole text. “Racism, Nationalism in addition to Right-Wing Extremism Online: The particular Austrian Presidential Election 2016 on Facebook. ” Crucial Theory and Authoritarian Populism. Issues and actors that cross borders in European European democracies. ” Western Societies, Published online: something like 20 July 2018.


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Department of Operational Analysis, London School of Economics and Political Science, Greater london, UK. , Priest, Olivier and Ni, Zhifang ( Improving the safety of nasogastric feeding tube insertion: Building guidelines for the secure verification of feeding tube position – a choice analysis approach.

“Faultlines: Liz Fekete on Racism, Europe and the New Ideal. ” NovaraFM, Novara Press, 26 January 2018. A good interview with Liz Fekete, author of Europe’s Mistake Lines: Racism and the particular Rise of the Perfect. “How anti-Semitism festers online, explained by a monitor of the darkest corners associated with the internet. ” Vox, Oct.

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“The Radical Right plus Poetry Through the Contemporary Period in Spain. ” Perspectivas de la Comunicación (Universidad de La Frontera – Chile) 11. 1 (: 229-265. “The Third Period of British Euroscepticism: Brexit being a Paradigm Shift. inch The Political Quarterly, First published: 15 October 2018. “The Far Right in Western Europe: “From the particular Margins to the Mainstream” And Back? ” Cuadernos Europeos de Deusto 59 (: 75-97. “Economic Decline and Extreme-Right Electoral Threat: How District-Level Factors Condition the Legislative Debate on Immigration. ” Legislative Studies Quarterly, First published: twenty two October 2018. Paramilitarism, Arranged Crime as well as the Rise of ‘Golden Dawn. ‘” Südosteuropa 66. 4 (Dec.

Right Radicalism in Europe: Ideology, Social Schedule, Prospects. ‘” Centre for Analysis of the Revolutionary Right Blog, May 30, 2018. “The Fascist within the Classroom: Teaching Pound, Race and Radical Right Politics. ” Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right Blog, April 17, 2018. “Corpus Linguistics as well as the Problem of Non-Violent Extremism. ” Centre for Analysis of the Radical Ideal Blog, April 24, 2018.

“Two Cheers for Democracy. ” Centre for Analysis from the Radical Right Blog, August 10, 2018. “Trump and Mussolini. ” Centre for Research of the Radical Right Blog, May 5, 2018. “Topsy-Turvy: The other aspect of 1968 activism, 50 years on. ” Center for Analysis from the Radical Right Blog, September 10, 2018. “Sound an Alarm? ” Centre for Analysis of the Radical Perfect Blog, October 9, 2018.

On anti-authority activists from groups such as typically the Freemen-on-the-Land, Sovereign Citizens, plus similar movements within Europe. An Exploration of typically the Right-Wing Extremist Landscape inside Canada. ” Critical Criminology 26. 2 (June: 169-187. The Framing of Populism in the Discourse regarding Farage’s UKIP. ” Comunicazione politica 2 (August: 247-272. “Blood and Security through the Norway Attacks: Authorities’ Tweets Activity and Silence. inch Social Media Use in Crisis and Risk Connection: Emergencies, Concerns and Awareness.

Going through the Ideological, Signaling, and Support Networks of Lone-Actor Terrorists. ” Studies in Discord & Terrorism, Published online: 2 Oct 2018. “From Extremism to Terrorism: Typically the Radicalisation of the Much Right in Italy plus West Germany. ” Modern European History 27. 3 (August: 412-431. “Political genderphobia in Europe: accounting with regard to right-wing political-religious alliances in opposition to gender-sensitive education reforms given that 2012. ” Zeitschrift anstatt Religion, Gesellschaft und Politik, First Online: 22 March 2018. “Facebook and the populist right: How populist politicians use social media marketing in order to reimagine the news in Finland and the BRITISH. ” The Media plus Austerity: Comparative perspectives.

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