Liz Sheehan – Low or High stomach acid?

A doctor might prescribe HCL supplements to confirm a diagnosis. If a person feels better when taking the supplements, low stomach acid is likely the cause of symptoms. When gas symptoms are accompanied by other symptoms like pain, vomiting, constipation, cramps, heartburn, bleeding, or weight loss, you need to away see your doctor right. Celiac disease. This is an inherited disorder in which people cannot tolerate the protein found in wheat products (gluten).

I have been reading a lot about this low stomach acid theory and it makes so much sense to me. The testing was started by me with the hcl tablets with pepsin that I’ve read so much about. I started taking 1 pill with a meal with meat and then moved to 2 pills the next day and then 3 pills the next day and so on. I took 7 hcl pills with my lunch today with 4-6 oz of meat to see if I would get that burning and I still have not. Once I figure out how many pills to take before I get that “burning” feeling, do I start taking that many with every meal?

I started blending greens n fruits just. Can I take acid pills with veggies n fruit just? It’s a living nightmare. I think that most of us are very confused since being told symptoms could be asa result of low stomach acid,yet we are treated for high acidity.ive been on Prilosec for months and it caused alot of problems,eg,itching,burning skin so I was wondering what should i take for rebound heartburn if can’t take Prilosec and/or should I take smthg that will lower my stomach acid even more. Anyway, I found this article interesting really.

Tina from Ontario Canada. This sounds SO much like me. I never thought the issue could be low stomach acid, but I’m doing more research now and it seems like that could be the case.

I should say now that most of my symptoms relate to my bowel. I have few symptoms of indigestion – no pain or discomfort, no nausea, no bloating, only some funny hiccuping at times, and I can eat any amount of protein and fat and feel fine. Serious question here. I had been throwing up from a cold for a few days, and had severe heart burn all night. I’m 38 and never had medical conditions.

If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your healthcare provider promptly. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read on this website. Chronic sufferers of heartburn can find relief by increasing stomach acid instead of taking over-the-counter antacids, which make stomach acid weaker. Another effective way to control bacterial overgrowth is to limit foods that feed bacteria by cutting back on refined grains and processed foods and enjoying cultured vegetables and probiotic beverages with each meal. Squeeze ½ lemon in ½ glass of warm water.

One pill has 650MG HCL with 129MG pepsin I believe. I tried some with a somewhat heavy meal. I had a slight burning sensation in my stomach and some gurgling for the next few hours.

I was given by them fluids, nausea medicine, And a drug called pantoprazole, in an iv, . every day at home to reduce stomach acid and script for the pills to take. Now every time I eat anything, four chicken nuggets even, my stomach immediately, visibly swells, and is very tight for hours. Please tell me if this is because of this medicine is causing low stomach acid!. This is really uncomfortable and I can’t eat..

Tests are available to check for lactose intolerance, celiac disease, ovarian cancer, liver disease, and other health problems. Gluten is a protein that is found in certain grains including wheat, rye, and barley.

In addition to the carbonation, sodas are loaded with sugar that can provoke bloating. High fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are bad especially, too.

I really want to get rid of the SIBO totally, not just mask the symptoms and I am considering starting on the SCD. However I read that SIBO won’t resolve unless the root cause is treated, and that root cause might include low stomach acid.. and that root cause may include low stomach acid.} So I thought okay -, I’ll test it. To cut a long story short, I can swallow five HCL tablets and feel not the slightest discomfort – which seems to indicate I do indeed have very low stomach acid.

A disease or an ulcer in the digestive tract might cause indigestion. However, for most people, it is the result of eating too much, eating fast too, eating high-fat foods, or eating during stressful situations. Indigestion is not caused by excess stomach acid. Swallowing a great deal of air when eating may increase the symptoms of bloating and belching, which are associated with indigestion often. Some medications can also irritate the stomach lining and cause indigestion.

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