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In particular, the extension in time of previously-used datasets offers the first opportunity to study the impacts of re-franchising. The previous literature emphasised the failure of franchising to produce sustained productivity gains, with a sharp deterioration in productivity after 2000. The new evidence presented offers a somewhat more positive view of the British experience.

2010. 3 Dimensional Supply Chain Flexibility. International Conference of Logistics Engineering and Management-Southwest Jiatong University, Chengdu, China, 08.10-09.10.

LogForum. The objective of this paper is to analyze the impact of regulatory and environmental conditions on technical effciency of European railways. Using a panel data set of 31 railway firms from 22 European countries from 1994 to 2005, a multioutput distance function model, including regulatory and environmental factors, is estimated using stochastic frontier analysis. The results obtained indicate positive and negative effciency effects of different regulatory reforms.

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We consider railways as a system which uses its infrastructure (length of lines worked, numbers of cars and wagons, staff strength) and a scale of market (number of inhabitants and tourists) for transporting passengers and freights. We estimate efficiencies of freight and passenger transportation separately on the base of different models. We use the database provided by International Union of Railways, which includes annual statistical data about biggest European railways companies from 1997 to 2006 to estimate model parameters.

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  • The new evidence presented offers a somewhat more positive view of the British experience.
  • Analyzing logistics risk in food supply chain using AHP and ANP methods.
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Development and validation of the AO pediatric comprehensive classification of long-bone fractures by the Pediatric Expert Group of the AO Foundation in collaboration with AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation and the International Association for Pediatric Traumatology. Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2(6), pp. 1131-9.

Tran, Thi Huong and Kummer, Sebastian. 2016. Analyzing logistics risk in food supply chain using AHP and ANP methods. 28th European Conference on Operational Research, Poznan, Poland, 03.07-06.07. This study uses stochastic frontier analysis for estimating efficiencies of railways systems in European countries.

2006. Supply Chain Management Forum. Balance Resort Stegersbach, Österreich, 08.11. 2.lecture How do Companies and Countries gain competitive advantages through logistics,European Cases.

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The Transport Policy Act of 1988, with its ground-breaking split of railway infrastructure from operations, is commonly considered the starting point for the transformation of the Swedish railway system – from a vertically and horizontally integrated monopoly to a market characterised by decentralisation and intra-modal competition. In this paper, we focus on the reforms and experiences related to the introduction and development of competitive tendering of passenger rail services in Sweden. Competitive tendering was first introduced in 1989 on some regional lines, but since then this practice has become more and more widespread, and now encompasses the majority of both regional and interregional lines. The different types of tendered contracts for these services are described in some detail in the paper. Despite a general lack of bidders participating in most tenders, some important new entries have taken place, from national as well as international firms.

internationales verkehrswesen gerd aberle

2005. Supply Chains Management and Controlling. global logistics meeting der Red Bull GmbH, Hamburg, 08.11. Kummer, Sebastian.

internationales verkehrswesen gerd aberle

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