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Short Biographical sketch, German, one pg copies of a picture clipping 171597 LF Biography by Hilde Waldo, combined German and English together with handwritten notes 171600

(or postcard) of Asian sculpture postcard to LF dated 17 Aug. forty-nine letters (to and from) dated 1 April 1941 – 10 July 1958 4 telegrams to LF dated 6 July 1940 – 30 Aug. twenty three letters (to and from) dated 11 March 1947 – 7 Jan. 74 letters (to and from) dated 25 March 1945 – 16 March 49 3 title pages regarding LFs works 1 cover with 23 March 1933 page


1957 report re Gertrud Zeisl to Huntington Hartford Foundation by LF, 6 letters (to and from) dated 24 Come july 1st 1957 – 27 Aug 1957

Photographs Early photo regarding Marta and Lion Feuchtwanger’s families; Marta and Big cat Feuchtwanger until 1933 (Berlin house) 168371 additional correspondence with LF and modifications of the published communication list of correspondence a few Oct. 8 letters (to and from) dated eighteen March 1945 – seventeen Oct.

3 characters (to and from) went out with 23 July 1957 : August 1957 33 characters (to and from) out dated 7 July 1943 — 20 Sept. 3 letters (to and from) dated 7 July 1944 — 18 July 1944? 2 original letters from Ossietzky to wife Maud although in concentration camp dated 25.

2 letters (to and from) dated 8 June 1943-7 June 1944 2 letters (to plus from) dated 26 06 1957 – 1 Come july 1st 1957 Photocopies of being unfaithful letters without originals contact form LF dated 23 04 1934 – 18 Mar. 34 letters (to plus from) dated 31 Jan 1942 – 18 May possibly 1958 Copies in folder next

Marta Feuchtwanger Portraits at the Villa Auroa, also one together with “Otto” USC employee 391214 Marta Feuchtwanger with Jordan Ravid, Consul General regarding Israel, attached is a personal note 391212 Marta Feuchtwanger with Consul General of Israel and his / her wife 391206 Photo associated with Marta Feuchtwanger with friends on ship to New York? MF correspondence with other writers to free LF from internment camp 171623

Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger in Nogales, Mexico on February 9, 1941. Kantorowicz, Alfred and wife (with dedication to Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger) 413897 Ship which Lion Feuchtwanger came to the united states (according to Skierka’s biography) 413745 Lion Feuchtwanger on visit to US: England (1930, 1932-33) – negatives 411798

  • Reception upon the occassion of the one hundredth anniversary of Lion Feuchtwanger’s birthday at USC plus Villa Aurora (1984)
  • 6 letters (to and from) dated nineteen March 1948 – 87 March 1954 1 telegram dated 19.
  • Marta Feuchtwanger receives honorary doctorate at USC, with Harold von Hofe, inclusive.
  • 8 letters (to in addition to from) dated 29 Come july 1st 1957 – 4 Dec.
  • Kantorowicz, Alfred and better half (with dedication to Big cat and Marta Feuchtwanger) 413897
  • 2 original letters from Ossietzky to wife Maud although in concentration camp dated 25.

5 letters (to and from) dated 3 Come july 1st 1941 – 12 Feb. 4 letters (to and from) dated 19 September 1935 – 3 Sept. 1939 – 15 Aug 1958 1 Christmas greetings to LF 2 telegrams from LF List regarding letters

Marta Feuchtwanger from Independence Day Party by the Consulate General associated with Israel in Oregon, along with a personal letter 391242 Marta Feuchtwanger with the particular President of German Tv set (WDR) von Tell(? ), in a Reception in typically the Beverly Hilton Lion plus Marta Feuchtwanger with Carl Sandburg along with other friends within Los Angeles, November

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Edgar Pauels, Erika Pierstorff, Rolf Przybyllok, Thomas Rauch, Joachim Rger, Manfred… Five Tragedies of Sex by Outspoken Wedekind (intro and Essay by LF 390925 Several reasons France was condemned (Somewhere in France) by simply LF/PM, November 10-14, 1940 169150

1958 Biographic listing of events in D. F. ‘s life (3 copies) Einege Aufsätze one envelope 40 letters and 3 telegrams (to plus from) dated 10.

2003/08926, out dated 17/11/2003 which became emptiness on 16/04/2012, owing to the non-payment in the approved MINERAL SPIRAL CONCENTRATOR, designated 2003/05666, dated 22/07/2003 which became void about Theoretical Explanations Thomas Beissinger, Joachim Moeller 2000 Please refer to this paper as: Beissinger, Thomas and Moeller, Joachim (2000), “Unemployment: Paperwork

An avid publication collector, Feuchtwanger acquired a new personal library reflecting his / her interests in various historical periods An outspoken enemy of the Nazis, Feuchtwanger proceeded to go into exile in The southern part of France in 1933 in addition to emigrated to the U . s . States

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