Heartburn: keep taking the tablets?

It contains two active ingredients, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. They work by binding to and neutralising excess acid produced by the stomach, which helps to relieve stomach pain and discomfort..

So if you feel heartburn it may be because of indigestion then. For more information on heartburn/acid reflux, check out our guide. Indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn can strike any time, some of us suffer more than others and all of us would who do suffer would like instant relief.

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Bloating is a sign and symptom of gas in the stomach or GI tract. Certain foods or health problems like constipation may cause it. Bacteria and certain foods like lactose can cause it. Learn the causes and symptoms of bloating to feel more healthy. This article is about the medication used to relieve heartburn.

I was standing in the bathroom at 4am recently, swigging Gaviscon directly from the bottle, when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Puffy-eyed, my face screwed up in pain, I was a sad old sight. My bathroom cabinet is a shrine to antacids. Zantac, Settlers, Rennie, Remegel, I’ve popped them all.

We offer a range of indigestion and heartburn relief from leading brands such as Alka-seltzer, Gaviscon, RaniCalm and many more. These medicines are available as tablets or oral suspensions containing active ingredients such as Ranitidine, Esomeprazole, Aspirin or Pantoprazole. They help to reduce the symptoms of indigestion by reducing the amount of acid that your stomach makes.

Many things can cause acid reflux, including foods like chocolate and coffee, being pregnant or overweight, or eating much or too quickly too. Indigestion is caused by stomach acid that comes into contact with the lining of the digestive system. The primary cause of this is eating, though it can be caused by drinking also, consuming alcohol, smoking, pregnancy, stress, or some types of medication even. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only.

Gaviscon Double Action Mint 48 Tablets

First, the doctor will spray the back of your throat with anesthetic and give you a sedative to make you more comfortable. pH monitoring can check for acid in your esophagus. The doctor inserts a device into your esophagus and leaves it in place for 1 to 2 days to measure the amount of acid in your esophagus. Often Quite, the terms acid reflux and indigestion are used interchangeably without fully understanding the differences between the two.

  • Relieving symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating and feeling sick associated with indigestion, heartburn and flatulence (wind, excess gas).
  • “Diagnosis of GER & GERD.” National Institute of Digestive and Diabetes and Kidney Diseases, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Nov. 2014, www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/digestive-diseases/acid-reflux-ger-gerd-adults/diagnosis.
  • You shouldn’t get the LINX device if you’re allergic to certain metals, and once you have a LINX device you shouldn’t get any
  • However it is important to consult your pharmacist or doctor before using any remedies during pregnancy.
  • However, they may be given in different doses to Gaviscon.

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rennie and acid reflux

An upper GI endoscopy, where a flexible probe with a tiny camera at the end is passed down your throat to see the esophagus. This helps diagnose how severe your acid reflux is, and can also rule out other health complications..

In April this year I had the hour-long procedure, under local anaesthetic. The tube could be felt by me going down my throat, and it hurt each right time a blast of radiofrequency burnt the tissue. Many people suffer from occasional acid reflux, but for some it becomes a chronic problem that can lead to ulcers and potentially cancer. Matthew Foster, 28, a Royal Engineer who lives near Ripon, North Yorkshire, underwent a new NHS procedure, as he tells CAROL DAVIS. Rennie has few side effects generally, but in some cases it may cause diarrhoea, stomach pain or other digestive upset.

In the UK, more than 40% of us use them – 2.8 million people reach for the market leader, Rennie, alone. Acid reflux happens due to a weakness of the sphincter muscle also, or when the stomach produces too much acid and not enough protective mucous. There is something called a hiatus hernia also; due to a gap in the diaphragm, parts of the stomach can move into the chest which increases the risk of reflux. If you have frequent acid reflux, you may have GORD – Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease.

Maalox Antacid Mint Flavoured Suspension – 250ml

Some patients have acid reflux that’s made worse by a hiatus hernia – where part of the stomach protrudes above the diaphragm into the chest, squeezing the stomach contents up back. These confirmed a hiatus was had by me hernia and acid reflux which needed treatment with surgery. The doctors told me they could operate to wrap part of my stomach around the bottom of the gullet – this would strengthen the valve and stop acid washing back up. But that sounded like a major operation, and I really didn’t want that. So I went on daily taking the lansoprazole.

It doesn’t particularly strike you as being serious enough to whinge about at the doctor’s. But there’s also the worry, squatting at the relative back of your mind, that it might actually be worse than you think. In the final end, it was the fear that my acid-stripped innards may give up on me, like a worn tyre, that propelled me to the local surgery. More recently, he has been troubled by severe back polymyalgia and pain, for which he was prescribed the analgesic and antidepressant Amitriptyline.

rennie and acid reflux

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