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am 30 Juni 1926 on the ship ‘President Roosevelt’ from Bremen to Southampton, England. am 04 August 1923 on the ship ‘Hannover’ from Bremen to New York. am 22 September 1928 on the ship ‘Columbus’ from Bremen to New York. am 16 September 1922 on the ship ‘Sierra Nevada’ from Bremen to New York. am 04 Oktober 1921 on the ship ‘Princess Matoika’ from Bremen to New York.

am 21 Februar 1939 on the ship ‘Potsdam’ from Bremen to Shanghai, China. am 19 Januar 1939 on the ship ‘Deutschland’ from Bremen to Southampton, England.

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01.39 Maj., with S/88, involved with the winding up of the military stores of the 01.12.33 trf to the Luftwaffe from the Heer with a rank of

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Hollick Charles Arthur, 1903: Field work during 1901 in the Cretaceous beds of Long Island Yochelson Ellis, L.; Zeig, G.A., 2004: Field work and fossils in southwestern Montana; the 1898 field season of C. Drever, J.I.; Murphy, K.M.; Clow, D.W., 1994: Field weathering rates versus laboratory dissolution rates; an update Yoshida Masaru; Hartmann Leo, A.; Fernandes Luis, A.D., 2001: Field visit to the Neoproterozoic Dom Feliciano Belt, southeastern Brazil in 2000 Takahashi, T.; Tamura, C., 1973: Field vibration tests on dams; examples of an arch dam and a rockfill dam.

Trevino Leandro Jr., 2000: Field, petrographic, and isotopic discrimination of shallow, authigenic carbonate of the Plio-Pleistocene Palomas Basin of southern New Mexico Field, petrographic, and geochemical characterization of the Fees Rhyolite Member, Mount Rogers Formation, Virginia Rochford Lisa, K.; Clemens Knott Diane, 1998: Field, petrographic and geochemical evaluation of part of a ring dike complex, western Sierra Nevada Batholith, CA Ilbeyli Nurdane, 2004: Field, petrographic and geochemical characteristics of the Hamit alkaline intrusion in the Anatolian crystalline complex, Turkey Arnason John; Selverstone Jane, 1988: Field, petrographic and fluid inclusion evidence for oxidation during low-angle normal faulting, Tauern Window, Eastern Alps

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22.05.42 trf to FFS A/B 2 Luxieul as a flight instructor. 05.06.43 trf to 15./KG 2 15.10.43 temporary duty with Jafü 3.

10.11.42 at LuftflottenNachr.Schule 3, assigned temporary duty to FFS LF Prenzlau as provisional Kdr. 01.10.42 Hptm., assigned temporary duty from RLM pool to Koflug 1/VIII for temporarily assigned to the Stab Lg.Kdo.I for employment as Gr.Leiter II u. 01.10.43 assigned to temporary duty with FFS C 13 (to 07.10.43).

to FFS A 7 as Sachbearbeiter IIa and IIb due to unit redesignation. Stab I./JG 53 WIA – Bf 109 E-3 in combat with a No.

am 23 Januar 1930 on the ship ‘Dresden’ from Bremen to New York. am 11 Dezember 1926 on the ship ‘Berlin’ from Bremen to New York. am 30 Mai 1932 on the ship ‘Cap Norte’ from Bremen to Buenos Aires, Argentinien. am 05 Oktober 1927 on the ship ‘Yorck’ from Bremen to New York.

11.07.41 Oblt., 1./KG 55 POW – during attacks on columns in area S of 18.01.45 in FAG 103, ordered to OKL /LP1 for temporary duty (to 12.09.56 joined the Bundesluftwaffe as a Hptm., serving with the Flak. 23.03.42 appt Sachbearbeiter in the A.-Stelle of the A.u.EStelle (L) Lg.Kdo. 01.11.39 trf to 01.11.39 trf to Ln.Schule Halle as an instructor.

Wong, K.F.V.; Yeh, G.T., 1986: Field validation of the contaminant model, FEMA Cho, Y.; Lee, T.H.; Park, J.B.; Kwag, D.J.; Chung, E.S., 2002: Field validation of suction pile installation in clay Hult, M.F.; Landon, M.K.; Pfannkuch, H.O., 1991: Field validation of conceptual models of mobilization and transport of volatile petroleum derivatives in the unsaturated zone near Bemidji, Minnesota Geier, J.E.; Lee, K.; Dershowitz William, S., 1988: Field validation of conceptual models for fracture geometry

am 14 Apr 1907 on the ship ‘Main’ from Bremen to New York. am 16 Februar 1939 on the ship ‘Deutschland’ from Bremen to New York. am 10 Mai 1934 on the ship ‘Hamburg’ from Bremen to New York.

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