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As regards GERD, counterflow chi, propelled in part by “liver invading spleen,” manifests as upward movement of stomach acid and gases as opposed to its normal downward movement. Vital Power, via the tonification of the body’s chi in general and spleen-pancreas and stomach chi in particular, helps reverse counterflow chi.

I was totally dehydrated, had a white cell count below 1000, needed shock treatment for my heart, had an emergency ablation surgery on my heart, woke up on a ventilator from an allergic reaction to medication, lost all my hair and 30 pounds of weight, and came home in a wheelchair to die. Thank you so much for all your advice for me over the many years of reading your Health Alert newsletter. Every health problem I have developed I have used your protocols, and they have worked! I have resolved with your help, Atrial Fibrillation, Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, and Leaking Heart Valves. Dr. West is an expert in clinical nutrition, kinesiology, pain control, and rehabilitation.

Sorry I don’t have any more to share regarding this, but do let us know if you follow up with the doctor and he/she says its fine for you to continue doing this and that it has no impact on the medication. I guess the Omeprazole helps but I still had some acid reflux problems and I have been doing things to help eliminate them.

This is possibly because obesity increases the risk of suffering from acid reflux due to the pressure on the stomach. “Most of us will experience indigestion or acid reflux at some point but if symptoms persist for two or three weeks, it’s important to seek medical advice to obtain a diagnosis,” explains Dawn. Acid reflux is a condition rather than a symptom. It is caused by acid flowing back up from the stomach into the oesophagus.

AIPOH, MARY ANNE U., “Religious Themes in Bruce Onobrakpeya’s Works”. An unpublished dissertation presented to the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, as part of the fulfilment for the Degree B.A.

PICTON, JOHN, Image and Form (prints drawings and Sculpture from Southern Africa and Nigeria) School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) University of London 1997. Published JANET L., STANLEY for the National Museum of African Art Branch Smithsonian Institution Libraries Washington, D.C. by Hans Zell London, 1993.

Recent addional tests (endoscopy, pH impedance, manometry and gammagraphy) revealed that the Fundoplication had failed and that the reflux was still there and that the stomach problems with vomiting were probably caused by stomach nerve damage during the Fundoplication. Redoing the Fundoplication was not recommended and I am now on acid reducer Landsoprazole, sleep with a wedge pillow and don’t lie down a couple of hours after eating. Lung function tests show that there has been no IPF deterioration since about one year.

The designs reflect the artist’s knowledge of his Urhobo heritage, rich in symbols and the proverbs they elicit, as well as his appreciation of Chinese, Japanese, Ghanaian and Nigerian calligraphy. Onobrakpeya invented and refined this script called Ibiebe from 1978 to 1986, when he revisited in his art, ideas linked with traditional religion, customs and history. Ibiebe glyphs aim at encapsulating universal concepts of timeless values.

So now I am on Lansoprazole and my wedge pillow. I also have a problem sliding down, but I just climb back up…. I was diagnosed with IPF in 2017 but study of earlier CT scans showed IPF type lung scarring since 2014 which was missed by my doctors. When doctors were doing tests when they diagnosed the IPF it was shown that I had a severe case of acid reflux and as reflux is suspected, though not yet scientifically proven, as a cause of IPF my doctor suggested a Nissen Fundoplication. This operation resulted in major stomach functional complications, such as becoming ill about once weekly with vomiting and further unwanted weight loss.

1983 One-man exhibition of prints and painting titled Sabbatical Experiments 1978-1983, co-sponsored by Goethe Institute (German Cultural Institute) NIJ House, Victoria Island, Lagos, and the Society of Nigerian Artists (Lagos State Branch). The guest of honour at the opening was Susanne Wenger from Oshogbo.

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