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Nameless Dude was literally glowing in the dark, causing a couple fans next to me to remark “Wow, he’s REALLY A ghost!” The NWOBHM BOC vibe really shined through live. I saw Ghost and Opeth – left after the latter because I have seen Mastodon dozens of times and don’t like the new album. Really seems like Mastodon is still pushing themselves away from the prog thing, the longest song they’ve been playing for the last couple of nights has been “Crack the Skye” at just under six minutes. They will join Behemoth, the Devil’s Blood and In Solitude as part of the tour on April 16 at Granada Theater in Lawrence, KS.

I think the question should be what is the what band you like has the worst name. It’s like they took the least exciting aspects of death, thrash, and hardcore and welded them together into a competently executed, thoroughly uninteresting package. Man, my local shop is usually really good abotu stocking Profound Lore stuff, but the new Dawnbringer isn’t even showing up on their release calendar and they haven’t seen any copies yet.

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I’ve seen Mastodon four times now and enjoyed every one, but that recent Aragon live album was a little disappointing. I know they placed decently on the metal poll, but man it seems like everyone is pretty down on Mastodon around here these days. Wow, guess I’m going to have to give that album the time of day after all. Yeah, the sound at the Riv sucks, but I’ve missed out on Ghost before and I’ve never seen Opeth. I look at that album now as a soundtrack to the live show.

yeah i get all that, i had a junkie friend (now RIP sadly) and idk if its possible to get what a fucked up deal it is unless youve been through/around it. The parts with all those people (his parents, his former bandmates, Pelletier, etc) are what I enjoyed watching, and I wish they, not Bobby, had been the true focus.

There’s enough unreleased stuff and alternate takes and selections from albums that are really not worth getting in their entirety to make it worthwhile. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I needed a comp since I’m about 1/2 way through getting their albums one by one, but that tracklist was just so o_O that I couldn’t pass that up. Also picked up a couple Deep Purple live albums for cheap. Right now I’ve been spending lots of time with High Spirits (found thier demos disc at Reckless last week), Occultation, Horisont, and Woods of Ypres. Just heard their stuff via last year’s Hellfest set and was knocked out.

That’s not necessarily a criticism; I hear a lot of records. The only thing that tripped my trigger was when you started talking shit about Roadrunner, because I’ve been seeing that in a lot of quarters the last few months, and it always comes from a perspective of total ignorance about what’s actually going on here. I could easily talk loads of shit about tons of music you guys like on here. Still trying to pull my thoughts together as regards Voivod, but pretty sure it’s their best since Nothingface (and definitely their best since The Outer Limits).

well, we could dispense with a rollout completely and just put a full list in one post just like how it happens in a magazine. i also don’t have time to follow a thousand-post thread that takes days and days to finish.

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  • Frankly, I think we need an I Love Polls board where that’s all it is, and every other ILX board is mercifully poll-free.
  • didn’t realize a new one dropped, man I gotta listen to that.
  • I like Ghost, though I didn’t get excited until I saw them live.

Got the DVD set of that Metal Evolution thing today – VH1 sent one over at my request, ha ha. I mean, it’s also inaccurate because it implies that metal is more about sex than it actually is… That said, there are some funny elements of the meme, but it’s also incredibly misogynistic (which I suppose isn’t to say that metal can’t be incredibly misogynistic). but i can see i’m not going to convince people otherwise itt, so i’ll let it go. That list that AG posted has been floating around for years, not sure why it resurfaced now.

I really love their brand of retro stoner psych, and think this might be their best full-length to date. The vocals are very Baroness-ish this time out, but some of the songs are more Pink Floyd-circa-1971 than anything they’ve ever done before.

Last 4 band bill kicked off at 8; no sign of openers on this 4 band show. I mean, obviously people who get the vinyl are into what you would put on those rolling papers, but it seems weird to me to have a branded consumable like that as a bonus. would be cool if the scion detroit techno stuff is also happening because of this one exec. Yeah, but that’s the equivalent of a small child yelling “Don’t look at me!” at the top of its lungs. Yeah, except even when I was 24 and getting my first pieces published, I never believed in the idea of “selling out” or used that phrase in my work.

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And I was pretty excited to listen to the Lyriel, but my Internet crapped out in the middle of the download and I can’t download it again. Though I think several of these will have a tough time making it high on an end of year list. It’s more abrasive than a lot of what I listen to these days, but it’s really good. Having Sanford Parker produce really brought out the heaviness of their live sound, plus the songs are ace. They haven’t changed their style much – they’re still Gojira – but the more young, idea-less djent bands I listen to, the more brilliant these guys sound.

The new Voivod material is really strong live so I’m glad to hear that. However I think in both lists there is a tendency to overrate some of the more obscure albums, because it is, at least for a while, more interesting to listen to something that’s kind of new to our ears than what we’ve been familiar with for 22+ years.

As for the new album, I streamed it, and it sounds great like all their stuff. Converge were pretty great here on Friday night, I have to say.

i’m glad to live in a world where women can make such a terrific racket like that. Interested to hear what you think of the Gojira album, Phil. In other news, I have a copy of the upcoming Gojira album and you don’t. Listened to the first High On Fire the other day for the first time in years. Tho if people really hate something it can influence me to avoid it.

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