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Open public money builds public roads, so that it should also create public code. Closed resource software is from the attention of the public and really should therefore not be widely financed.

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We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We have to advance as a society. Free and Open Source Software program is one of numerous ways to achieve this. Linux would save masses associated with public money & time.

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Totally agree. If the money you finance is public the application must be free.

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gerd natho

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  • I actually fully support the request to have code written for taxpayers money to be able to be open source.
  • I operate H2020 tasks and I wish to have several percentage of that program code open source as they’reºq being payed with open public taxes.
  • Code is not simply import to running public operations, but also signifies knowledge, which in this case is publicly funded.
  • Public cash, public source.

Some people got big idea but absence of money. So , right here it goes. Actually it seems so obvious “public funds for public code” that will I’m wondering why we have to even discuss about it.

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It merely requires makes sense. By the public, for your public. Free and open source software improves transparency, allows collaboration & reusing existing program code, thus saves taxpayers’ money. Yes, public code is really a requirement for any science being funded with general public money. public money, public code.

Also a resource european CA would be the treatment to viral packages. Publicly financed software developed for the public sector should be publicly available. As a new taxpayer, I want my money to benefit the public. As a software creator, I know opensource is a perfect way to attain that. Keeping public software closed is a violation of people’s freedom, prospects to corruption and bad experiences.

I entirely agree, if it is paid with public money the product ought to be for everyone. Anything created coming from public money should be released in people domain name.

gerd natho

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